Board of Directors

The combination of Kamnoosh Board of directors` members with different back ground and qualifications is one of its competitive advantages in the food industry. The brief profile of each member is as follows:

Mr. Mohammad Ashkwari
Graduated from agricultural college of Shiraz University in the field of food processing and technology engineering, Mr. Mohammad Ashkwari has more than 45 years' experience in the food industry. Expert in installation and exploiting the tomato processing and fruit puree concentrating factories, he established Kamnoosh Food Industries factory in Gorgan city in 1985 and Rojintak food processing factory in Kermanshah city in 2001. 
Simultaneously, the chairman of Kamnoosh is the sole agent of the Rossi & Catelli (CFT) technical office in Iran which is the most famous European food processing machinery manufacturer and Goglio aseptic bags in Iran since 1990. He is also the senior consultant of the biggest food industry factories in the country.

Mr. Habib Ashkwari
Graduated from Allameh Tababatabyi University in the field of accounting, Mr. Habib Ashkwari has experienced different positions such as senior auditor, finance consultant, finance director and CEO in different industries like automotive, textile, trading and economy, during his 35 years of work. Being CEO of the Kamnoosh for more than 10 years, he has the powerful insight in strategic directing of the company.

Mr. Sirous Refahi
Mr. Sirous refahi is specialized in agriculture and now is the chief of technical committee of the company. Gratuated from agricultural college of Shiraz University and having a good knowledge of the Iran's farming regions for more than 45 years, he is the strategic leverage in effective supplying of the best quality crops.

Mr. Navid Refahi
The youngest member of the board, which is also in charge of company sales department, is graduated from India University in the field of international business. He is responsible for developing new markets and future revenue stream for the company.

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